Astronaut Shape Phone Holder

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Embark on a journey of style and practicality with our Astronaut Shape Phone Holder – the essential accessory that seamlessly blends charm with utility! Elevate your workspace to cosmic heights as this spaceman-inspired decor stand transforms your desk into a captivating command center where form harmonizes with function in the most endearing manner.

Beyond its role as a functional smartphone bracket, this piece embodies meticulous craftsmanship, infused with a sprinkle of interstellar allure. More than a mere desk adornment, our astronaut phone holder sparks conversations and infuses your workspace with joy and character.

Why settle for ordinary when you can launch your device into orbit with our Astronaut Shape Phone Holder? Embrace the whimsical essence of productivity and elevate your workspace to extraordinary realms.

Enrich your desk with a touch of cosmic charm through our Astronaut Shape Phone Holder – a delightful fusion of cuteness and convenience within the vast expanse of your workspace.

- Material: Polyresin
- Color: White
- Size: Approximately 8.3 x 8.5cm / 3.26 x 3.34 inches

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